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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Document and Transcript Links

Please bear with me and wait until this post is updated later today to download or view any Paul Bergrin documents linked on this blog. I am changing to a CDN for faster document downloads and some updates must be made.

Thank you for your patience!

Trial transcripts HERE

UPDATE @ 11:50PM EST: There are issues with the PDF links and the documents and trial transcripts seem to be hit and miss. I imagine that it will be fixed by early afternoon on 12 July. I do have the transcripts uploaded to a different website also, so if it's not working soon, I link it here.

UPDATE @12:45PM EST: The CDN experience was a clear waste of an entire day and I would not recommend it to anyone. So much for super fast. All docs and transcripts should be viewable without issue as they were before I made that stupid decision yesterday morning. Thank you for your patience.

There is new information on the case and I intend to compose a post later today.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he gets transferred soon and will be treated properly. It is criminal what has been happening to him. I hope that the next facility will treat him fairly and he can eat decent portions of food, not childsize quantities, but sufficient for a grown man to survive on. Hope that the truth will set him free. LET'S KEEP THE FIGHT ALIVE TO SET MR.PAUL.BERGRIN FREE!!!