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Monday, March 25, 2013

Trial Transcripts Available

UPDATE on 12 February 2014: I have now published all trial transcripts on the website from the first and second trials:

Paul Bergrin Trial Transcripts

UPDATE on 1 August 2013 - The transcripts have all been removed. Please contact me privately for a copy of specific witness testimony.

The transcripts from Paul Bergrin's trial that ended on 18 March 2013, are now available. I have uploaded all to my website and will add the links today on the "Transcripts 2" page in the navigation bar of this blog.

I wanted to discuss each trial day as I posted the corresponding transcript; however, I quickly found that a read of one day results in the desire to look at a different day to compare witness responses. Besides, many people are most interested in the testimony of Oscar the informant and I have no valid reason to hold the transcripts back. I still intend to discuss each day of testimony in posts, though I am not as positive that I want to start at the beginning.

I admit that I have already jumped over the beginning to read the testimony that I most wanted to read. There is no reason to believe that many of you think much differently. The transcripts are 37 volumes and a lot of reading for anyone. Oscar's testimony began late in the day on the 19th of February and while I had intended to jump straight to Oscar, I found the Essex County prosecutor's (Roger Imhof) testimony earlier on that day a fascinating exercise in circle talk and the judge more of a referee.

You will find in reading the transcripts that this trial is unlike most federal trials. There is a lot of positioning, many objections, and lots of rulings and discussion by the judge. This was a fight more than a trial. I really do not want to say much more until I have started reading at the beginning, but I can't wait to post until I have finished reading all transcripts.

So, I will certainly be posting soon on specific witness testimony.

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