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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Testimony of Anthony Young

Anthony Young was called as a witness for the government on Friday, 1 February 2013, in the afternoon and is testifying today also. In Paul Bergrin's first trial, Young testified on 28 October 2011. He claims to be the shooter that killed Kemo, though he was bald at the time Kemo was murdered on a Newark street and the stepfather, Johnny Davis, that was walking with Kemo at the time, described a shooter that had dreadlocks.

Now Mr. Young claims that it was Paul Bergrin that told the gang Kemo was the informant on a Newark street-corner. I ask you to refer to my post dated 3 February: A Tale of Jailhouse Snitches

This is the relevant statement, easily found in the transcript linked for the Richard Hosten testimony:

Richard Hosten had serious reasons to worry about Kemo turning informant. He was the one to discover it when Kemo called him from an FBI agent's cellphone. That phone belonged to Agent Michael Brokos. Hosten locked-in the number and knew that Kemo was the informant.

Paul established clearly that it was Hosten that knew Kemo was the informant before being arrested and planted in a Hudson County cell with Baskerville in cross-examination, which begins on page 83 and ends on page 93.

So the government has Hosten testifying that he knew Kemo was the informant as a result of Kemo dialing him from the FBI agent's cellphone. Now the government has Anthony Young testifying that Paul Bergrin was the one to inform the group that Kemo was the informant. Young's testimony in the first trial starts at the beginning of the document, but pay special attention to page 13, lines 1-5:

US v Bergrin 28 October 2011 (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

Read all of Anthony Young's testimony. He is a government informant willing to make any false statements necessary. However, according to another government informant, Richard Hosten, Kemo was exposed by the call from Agent Michael Brokos phone before anyone ever went to jail.

I have no idea if Michael and Shawn Brokos are related, though I originally thought they were married and they may be, but I cannot locate confirmation of that today. Shawn Brokos is referred to as "Shawn Brokus" and "Shawn Manson" in trial testimony, but they are all one and the same. She uses the different spelling and other name for unknown reasons. (your guess is as good as mine) - UPDATE: It has now been confirmed to me that Michael and Shawn Brokos are married.

Weird telephone issues

On that note, I will tell you about a telephone call and text messages I received one night during the time I was posting about this case on my other blog and shortly after I posted the transcripts in this case. They came from an old friend that spent years in federal prison and had recently finished his federal probation following his incarceration. I never did go to NYC to see him after his release. He actually showed-up unannounced at my door in Florida (from NYC) one night prior to this incident, though I never told him that I was living at this address, and after Paul's first trial. I was so freaked out that I did not open the door.

On this particular night, late, he sent me a text message stating that he was in Miami with a friend and they were bored and could I arrange to send a couple of escorts over. I have the text transcripts as he called the only number he had - my Google Voice #. Notice the 10 minute delay between my statement about it being a Washington DC phone and his response. My initial delayed response is because I was puzzled by the number and the statement:

Old Friend: In miami friend needs a date we know anyone!? 12:20 AM
Me: You're not [old friend] and you're on a Washington DC area phone. Am I supposed to be afraid? Lol :-) 12:31 AM
Old Friend: You are crazy as usual and i cant believe you said that i was in meerrit 5 weeks ago you said dont show you were not well! 631 is long island 12:41 AM
Me: Dial me then ....:-) 12:42 AM

The texts came from his name as we had corresponded previously in texts and he was one of my Google / Android contacts. The issue was that on my Android phone, the texts came from a 202 area code phone, but inside the Google Voice account it shows his 631 area code. I still have the 202# saved and texted it to him days later with a main goal of saying, you fucked up dude. I have had no contact with him whatsoever since and never will.

He did dial me and the number that showed was his 631 and it was definitely him. Of course I made it clear that I have not had any involvement in the escort business in Miami since the 1980s, and in no way booked calls for escorts anywhere at that time (nor do I today). The call lasted 5 minutes and was mostly about his explanation for being in Miami with two wealthy friends wanting escorts and his explanation about being in my neighborhood 5 weeks earlier. Neither explanation made much sense.

So, be clear that sometimes the feds screw-up with their telephone calls and texts. I am finely tuned to telephone issues as a result of my decade of experiences in Orlando with the escort services. There is little doubt in my mind that his unannounced show at my door and later his texts / calls and attempted set-up were related to my strong blogging about this case during the first trial and posting of the transcripts on my website.

Following the last escapade described in Misuse of Informants at Epidemic Level in the US, I have had no choice except to stop speaking to anyone I do not know really well. Incidentally, the FB trackdown on that article happened in late March 2012, following the weird incident with the old friend, which happened in early March of 2012.

Food for thought, indeed. Make no mistake - the feds hate Paul Bergrin and would say and do anything to get a conviction.

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