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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Government's Rule 33 Response is Themed and Outrageous

I have read the Rule 33 (motion for a new trial) response in its entirety and throughout the document and the many attachments, I recognized a theme. Of course there are also a few sub-themes, but it is the prevailing one that I will discuss at this time. At first glance, it looks good, but wait - reserve judgment until I add my thoughts, and a few screen-shots.

I would love to publish the response; however, there is far too much personal information contained within it, including but not limited to, many addresses, names, connections, telephone numbers. The Yolanda Jauregui 302s attached are outrageous and reveal a serious personality disorder, though also enlightening in a different way. She's worse than even I believed. You can always open a PACER account and download it yourself.

What is this theme I speak of?

Well, here is one sub-heading and the opening paragraph:

E. Bergrin’s Attempt to Suborn Perjury from Yolanda Jauregui and Her Brother If Anything Warrants New Charges, Not a New Trial.

Yolanda Jauregui cooperated with the Government and implicated Bergrin in drug trafficking and other crimes both in statements to law enforcement and in testimony at Trial One. Bergrin now claims that Exhibit 8A to his brief, an unsigned document that purports to exonerate him of all wrongdoing, contains Jauregui’s truthful statements. But Bergrin fails to disclose to this Court that he and his lackeys created Exhibit 8A without any input from Jauregui and offered her a bribe in an unsuccessful attempt to induce her to sign it. That scheme is set forth in a series of letters that Anna James and Brian P. McVan sent to Jauregui. Jauregui subsequently provided those letters to her counsel, who in turn provided them to the Government.

Now after reading that paragraph you may be saying to yourself, who are these people, so I will explain. Brian McVan is an old Army buddy of Paul's who is also an attorney and was trying to genuinely help Paul clear his name. I never spoke to Mr. McVan or his law partner (also his wife) because I limit contact with anyone involved in this case - I have been around long enough to know better. I do know that Paul wanted him to sign-on this case, but I heard the response was that he was too busy. Now we know why he's busy. This man's intentions were only good, admirable, and most certainly not nefarious.

As far as this "Anna James" is concerned, your guess is as good as mine, but I will give you a few clues. When I first encountered the person claiming to be Anna James, I believed that her (or him) and her pals from USP Tucson were scammers busy soliciting money and attaching themselves (like 5 to 10 of them) to Paul Bergrin. By the time she left a comment on this blog for me to contact her in email, I leaned more towards government agent, plant, saboteur.

If I were responding to the government's response, I would demand proof that the scheme claimed and done in his name was ever anything that Paul was even aware of. This James character tells Paul that Yolanda wants to tell the truth, to help him, and it all rolls from there. Anna James also uses the name Annegret Rouse and signs her many letters differently - a mix of the two names and sometimes including Esquire and other times Dr. Sometimes her writing is good and other times you might think she never finished the 6th grade. It's like different people were playing the part of Anna James. For the record, I don't believe she actually exists and I'd make the government produce her.

This is the comment she left for me on this blog:

What happened in USP Tucson?

You may want to read previous posts on this blog to understand how Paul ended-up in the CMU in Terre Haute, Indiana and silenced, which is exactly what the government wanted. When the CMU didn't accomplish the silencing mission, they used the USP Tucson problem to send him to ADX Florence. Now Paul Bergrin is truly incommunicado.

Paul wasn't in USP Tucson long before he was sent to SHU. Somehow he picked-up a group of new friends rather quickly and next thing you know, he was sent to SHU. I believe that's when some of his documents and his contact lists were stolen. Before long, various people on his contacts list were receiving snail mail from an inmate (Rouse) and also from Annegret Rouse AKA Anna James. A few of his contacts were really angry - like the producer Dan Gordon - and wanted no further contact with Paul because of the weird packets soliciting assistance in Rouse's child rape case and their fake (not registered) charity, referred to as Turtle Island Project Innocence (TIPI), which they used all over Facebook to solicit donations via PayPal.

But go back further than USP Tucson for a moment. Remember when Paul was in MDC Brooklyn after the 2nd trial? He was designated to USP Coleman 2 and supposed to be on his way in days when suddenly it was changed to USP Tucson. The only sort of explanation I ever heard was something about threats to his life. How could inmates in USP Coleman 2 know Paul was coming to threaten his life? They couldn't, and from that point forward, none of it made sense.

This is my initial response to the comment:

This is her response to me:

These are my responses to her that followed:




 The 2nd paragraph under the sub-heading in the response:

Beginning in about January 2015, James wrote to Jauregui and asked her to help Bergrin. James told Jauregui that Bergrin and his associates had negotiated a multimillion dollar book and movie deal with two prominent Hollywood producers, Daniel Gordon and Lee Daniels, but the deal was contingent upon them proving that Bergrin was innocent and the Government had coerced witnesses to falsely implicate him. James said, “Mr. Bergrin has an agreement with Dan Gordon which gives him power to direct all the money and decide who will assist with the production.” SA2267. James not only solicited Jauregui’s participation, but also said, “Paul Bergrin says that he still loves Ramon [Jauregui’s brother Ramon Jimenez, who also cooperated and testified against Bergrin at Trial One] and wants him to make money on the movie.” Id.

You see how it says Anna James says that Paul Bergrin says blah blah blah? So the scammers made-up statements from Paul OR it was the government to begin with, and I will go with the latter. Let's say that the government had a known informant in USP Tucson ready and willing to help sabotage anything and everything Paul did in his continuous defense in this case. It's more than a mere possibility. Oh and for the record, these packets and letters were also sent to William Baskerville, Rakeem Baskerville, and Hakeem Curry. Two of the three asked me what it was about and I simply said that I thought they were scammers and to watch out! As far as I am aware, none responded to James/Rouse.

The 3rd paragraph under the sub-heading in the response:

James said that a certificate (referring to what Bergrin later submitted as Exhibit 8A) “will be required from you prior to signing of contracts [that would entitle Jauregui and Ramon to collect proceeds from book and movie deal].” SA2269. James described the nature of the statements Jauregui and Ramon would have to claim were true in order to collect money from Bergrin: “the investors have read everybodies [sic] testimony including R’s [Ramon’s] and yours and are working on contracts and statements for you and him. This is paramount to the story to prove the cohersion [sic] and to prove the innocence of those parties involved. I cannot be clearer since I cannot be sure if this letter is handed to you as special mail [attorney/client privileged] or not.” SA2268. Similarly, James wrote, “Dan Gordon the producer really wants to interview Ramon, because he has a copy of his testimony and it is his opinion that the prosecutors suggested his testimony about drugs and the Kenner [Kemo] murder case. This is very important to the writers to support their position.” SA2267.

Do you see how it's more of the same James says that Paul Bergrin says blah blah blah? It is easy to believe that McVan had no clue what Anna James stated to various people and attributed to Paul Bergrin. How could he possibly know everything this saboteur was saying everywhere? He couldn't, yet the government has actually called him a part of the scheme; a scheme which I believe they made-up all by themselves.

I say that Anna James et al, is a figment of the government's imagination with the help of at least one inmate from USP Tucson. I could be wrong and they could just be a bunch of Native American scammers - the inmate Rouse and the rest that befriended Paul in USP Tucson are Native Americans. I'd demand that the government produce this person. They shouldn't be allowed to use he said /she said hearsay to make-up for their inability to actually respond to Paul's motion for a new trial - that is what they did throughout the trial! The writer of this response is a skilled manipulator.

So, you see how "Anna James" (the government in my opinion) tried to drag me into this fiasco? Well, they forgot who I am and what I suffered through with my own case long ago, but I will never forget. There's much more and I will get to it all eventually. For now suffice it to say that "Anna James" is not the first saboteur the government threw into this case.


Anonymous said...

Beth is my friend and I know for a fact that Beth Bergrin never responded to
anything this Anna James has ever sent to her. This person is a liar even for
that simple statement. It is now clear that this is all fabricated by the government
to bring Paul Bergrin to where he is now today. What a bunch of crooks and ass
holes and criminals to do this to an honest man. They must be severely punished.

Vicky Gallas said...

@Anonymous -

Yeah, I seriously doubted that Beth would respond to "Anna James". I love how Anna says "time is of the essence" in the message to me. That should cause anyone to stop, analyze, think. However, I'll give the government credit - whoever engineered this knows what they're doing.

Vicky Gallas said...

Oops I forgot to add that I checked BOP inmate locator and Desmond Rouse was moved to Englewood FCI, so he's doing much better in life. Meanwhile, Paul left USP Tucson to go to the CMU and now ultimately Florence ADMAX.

Vee said...

Re: MY RANT regarding Fabrications, Snitches , their handlers etc...

Just a thought ....perhaps agent Brokos- and her product informant Cordova, & the other sellout AUSAs that have no backbone & et al... are in a compilation together ....STORYTELLING again! Ha! Now that's not possible is it? *sarcasm*

I swear Vicky, when the outcome of this (is seen) and hopefully soon: a lot of peoples' perception of reality will be crushed... (Whose to say it isn't now) I can't grasp the fact that this whole botched case actually made it this far. I have very little faith in our US justice system anymore, mainly in part b/c of how "evidence" can be produced or "thrown away" at the snap of a maybe even at the point of a finger from a command from someone in higher power. Why is it that the courts still allow the bargaining of sentences (when informants are involved)? Those douchebags not only receive a lesser sentence, monetary incentives, THEY are still able to commit more crimes (freely and with aid from GOV). I say lets go after their DEA/FBI/ETC handlers! Them people should be thrown in jail also!

Vicky-I've followed your blog for quite a number of months that turned into years and I must say your thinking is impeccable & exemplary -I've also read other pieces that you've written about others that are wrongfully imprisoned and I admire your strength and voice! I too have not reached out as much as I'd like to mainly because the case (Pauls) doesn't need any more complications....but I am still here and available.
PS all your vehemently conducted research and knowledge will definitely pay off, and perhaps future generations can learn some morals from all this BS.

A personal thankyou to you Vicky! -V

Anonymous said...

Why even bother leaving a comment like this? This is what anna said my bad i mean the set up artist sort of anyway,what they want too here notice i said they how the hell could she help in this manner should of told the truth from the beginning or like its done (legally) AFFIDAVIT,,ATTORNEYS JUDGES,COURTS ECT. Trying too make it look like that same pattern they painted Paul with at trial for their strategy. Who would fall this crap just study why they have him in ADX back then terre haute just another smack in the face for Paul while that whole group who testify are all home WOW.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with the follow up post spruill dated jan 22?

Anonymous said...

Today, June 6th 2017, the 44th President of the United States gave a speech in
Montreal. I would apply what he said to the personality and actions of Major Paul W. Bergrin.
He said That in life we should never loose our principles because of fear.
This is precisely what Paul Bergrin did, he always stood up for his principles
with no fear and with strong believes. He should never have been manipulated and
Treated the way he was by corrupted individuals, and the government should absolutely
correct this situation. It is a great injustice against what we have always been
fighting for in our modern democracies.

Anonymous said...

It appears that in the US, you generally stay in federal prisons for decades if you
do not have the opportunity to rat out someone. Even when innocent this is what
happens, it should not be. Paul Bergrins case is another one of these outrageous examples. NOT FAIR AT ALL AND SHOULD BE QUALIFIED AS A CRIME!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It will be one year today that the SAMS was imposed on Paul Bergrin, will they finally
let him communicate freely with the outside world and his attorneys in order to fight his
case in a democratic way. This would be the right thing to do but does the government really
know right from wrong, please give us a logical reply.

Vicky Gallas said...

@The last anonymous

Well, the day is over and no news. Unlike many situations, no news is not good news in this case.

Of course what you describe will never happen because the entire case against Paul is false, a creation of lies and misinformation. They will never do the right thing.

Oh and nothing whatsoever has changed for Paul Bergrin with a new administration. Trump et. al are as worthless as the predecessors GW Bush and Obama. These people love them some torture so we can only hope that one day someone obliges each and every party.

Anonymous said...

Well let this rotten government rejoice and even get drunk over the fact that they have
renewed Major Paul Bergrins SAMS just to hurt him more as if they have not done enough.
They really think they are over the laws and that they can kill Paul Bergrin, what are
they waiting for, why dont they get a gun and shout him like Hitler, it would be less
coward. No they have to hide this bunch of dirty loosers because they cant even respect
the laws that they have established. What a dirty government we do have! SO VERY DIRTY!

Vicky Gallas said...

@Anonymous -

I haven't reached out to ask because I anticipated the answer. Thank you for the confirmation though.

Yes, and it all began in USP Tucson, when BOP claimed that there was a credible threat against Paul Bergrin and placed him in solitary "for his own protection". Enter the Native Americans and Annagret Rouse. What a scam, and Paul can't even respond.

Anonymous said...